How can we make it easier to secure our most sensitive data?


The Troux EPM (enterprise portfolio management) app is a cloud based SAAS solution to keep track of product lifecycles and resource management. The product was undergoing a transformation with an updated UI and powerful visualization tools. Troux needed to strengthen the user management and permission features to meet the needs of their biggest enterprise customers.

  • Security Management
  • Interaction Design
  • UI / UX
  • Visual Design
  • Task Flows

Game Changer

I provided UI design support for interactions related to managing lifecyle views. I also provided end-to-end flows and completed visual designs for admins to manage users and permissions. This was an important feature for enterprise companies with product teams across many countries and multiple user roles who needed access to data. Admins needed very granular control. Data permissions needed to be set at the user and group levels and it needed to be possible to make exceptions. All this was possible, but a lot of care needed to be taken to keep it manageable. The ability to navigate between users and groups and understand which permissions were being applied was key. Designs were shared with users to ensure they were usable and comprehensive.