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DaVita provides a managed care program for dialysis patients. A care team of nurses will monitor risks to the patient’s health. Nurses want to keep patients out of the hospital, so they educate them on ways to stay healthy and also refer patients to doctors and follow-up after appointments.

DaVita    2017

How can nurses direct focus to their patient’s most pressing needs?

It is time consuming to piece together a patient’s story with fragments of data from the EMR app. The plan-of-care feature is meant to reduce this prep time and also help to prioritize risk factors and interventions that require attention.

I was given a rough prototype and asked to deliver a more concrete visual design to show nurses. Interactions were not well defined and data was missing from the prep screen. I worked closely with a business analyst (and former nurse) to capture details about the patient’s journey. The journey map breaks down what happens at various stages of care with high risk areas such as hospitalizations or diabetes being most important. This helped me to establish which key data points to include on the prep screen and how to dynamically push more info when it is needed. I supplied wireframes, visual designs, and an Invision prototype to gather feedback from nurses.

Patient Overview Dashboard

Managing Risks

Capturing the Patient Journey

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