Innography Patent Reports

A lot of time goes into patent research. Large companies who may be threatened by litigation or who want to purchase a company rely on specialized analysts to scrub raw data for a complete picture. Innography created “playbooks”, a step by step approach, to answer key business questions.

Innography    2012

Is my patent portfolio at risk for litigation?

Innography was able to expand their customer base by offering less technical, business minded users a direct method for researching patents. This was achieved by incorporating the playbook idea into an easy online wizard. The user answers a few questions and then opens a report that can be shared. I worked closely with Innography’s product team to design a framework for the wizard. We started with analyzing litigation threats and patent portfolios. We tested our first prototypes with users and learned that the reports had to be comprehensive and focused to be of any value. Users needed to reduce the complexity of their task so our questions had to be focused as well. When completed, Innography had a winning formula for adding an automated version of each playbook to the wizard.

Devin Gonzales

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