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Planview offers a commanding suite of applications to help enterprise organizations manage work and keep track of large software portfolios. Their innovation platform enables companies to create events that harness the collective knowledge of the crowd to evaluate and select the very best ideas to implement.

Planview    2023


I provided concept designs and UX guidance, working closely with the project manager at Planview. We worked through nuanced edge cases and interactions to refine the experience. I built an advanced prototype with 115 screens to share with power users where I moderated group feedback sessions.

Platform Requirements
  • Crowd Predictions
  • Activity Trends
  • Idea Evaluation and Review
  • Community Voting & Commenting
  • Event Phases Planning
  • Workflow Automation
  • Actionable Reporting
  • Reduce work for the admins
  • Make tasks easy to find and complete
  • Increase community engagement
  • Modernize look and feel

The concept allows the admin to design events in phases, with each phase further evaluating ideas.

The home page allows both participants and admins to drill into relevant content and see activity. The event pages adapt to the actions required for each phase as the event continues.

We wanted it to be easy for assignees to complete expert reviews. Admins could automate task assignment based on criteria track progress.

We provided reports and visualizations to help admins currate and select the best ideas using the collected ratings and responses.

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