Healthcare Website Redesign

Chase purchased Unicorn Financial and entered into the world of health care financing. I was tasked to help redesign the existing Unicorn website to represent the Chase brand and set them up for success.

Chase Health Advance    2009


We redefined how Chase would attract additional care providers by focusing attention on better serving patients. Prior to the redesign, patient needs were underserved. The redesigned marketing site presents a strong visual brand and message made memorable with rich colors, sweeping lines, custom photography and a clear content hierarchy. We led both patients and providers into meaningful content addressing their specific concerns by procedure type. Also, patients now had a financial calculator to better understand their payment plans.

Finally, our redesign effort extended to the secured administrative site for providers. This is where custom reports and marketing resources are available to track financials and grow a practice. We made big improvements in the architecture and visual design to enhance ease of use for administrators.

The interactive payment calculator was created as a tool to help patients estimate costs with example procedures.

Healthcare providers could visualize the critical process to increase referrals through attractive financing options.

Effort was made to modernize every view and component on the secure site which payed off with greater trust and ease of use.

Devin Gonzales

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