Where can I go to really experience my passion?


The travel rewards credit card was the first test for Chase to determine if customers were receptive to a product with an emphasis on travel and experiences over cash and merchandise rewards.

  • Art Direction
  • Interaction Design
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Content Planning
  • Web Banners

Game Changer

We took a targeted approach to attract visitors to the landing page and it worked. We created several flavors of our marketing message to appeal to different audiences. We placed the ads on websites where they would be noticed. A cooking banner would appear on food network for example. And viewers did notice. Each ad displayed the same idea, that you can experience your passion somewhere special and your rewards can get you there. The banner would link to the landing page which I designed to be very direct and easy to see benefits and apply. This campaign is where we learned the ropes in marketing Chase's subsequent travel reward products.