How can I predict what my flight charts will cost next year?

From large commercial airlines to individual pilots, those who buy subscriptions to Jeppesen’s electronic charts rely on them to be up-to-date and readily available when navigating the skies. I was asked to improve Jeppesen’s website services to help chart customers access their invoices, generate reports and make certain the services they rely on are paid for and activated.

Game Changer

Enabling access to customer invoices was a major need but we also wanted to understand how we could tailor the experience more uniquely for the charter accountants in the airline industry. I was responsible for helping to prioritize features within the invoicing portal, creating initial wireframes and testing the proposed functionality. I created a number of ad-hoc personas that could inform user stories and provide insight into our customer’s thinking. A major question was to understand which criteria the accountants used to search for past invoices. We used airplane tail numbers as a central search criteria and tested a prototype with users who represented the personas. Their feedback confirmed that tail numbers were very important and this insight shifted the project requirements toward a much more viable direction.

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